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MobiKwik Referral Code 2022 (Refer and Earn ₹75 + SignUp ₹75)


Hello Guys, I hope you all are doing well. In this article, you will get to know the new refer and earn offer from Mobikwik or Mobikwik Referral Code Offer. Mobikwik is an Indian Payment App that allows us to make online transactions such as recharge, bill payments, premium payment, investment etc.

Most people generally used this app to transfer money from one bank to another. In this app, you will get MobiKwik Supercash for online transactions. You can transfer supercash to your wallet balance at some specific time.

MobiKwik comes with a new ‘invite and earn offer’. If your invited friends register on MobiKwik through your MobiKwik Referral Code and make their first UPI payment then you will earn ₹20 cash.

Join MobiKwik & Earn Money

Mobikwik Refer and Earn Offer

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A few months ago MobiKwik has a different referral offer. At that point in time, we had a chance to earn ₹75 per referral through UPI Transfer on a minimum transfer amount of ₹75 to any UPI. But now the MobiKwik Refer and Earn offer terms and conditions have changed.

UPI Transfer Offer (₹75 Cashback)

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MobiKwik wants people to join their network and make UPI payments. That’s why they have relaunched the invite and earn offer. And only we will get referral cashback after our referred friend makes their first UPI payment through MobiKwik.

If you are a new user and didn’t have a Mobikwik account yet, then you can create it by following below simple steps. These steps will help you to create your MobiKwik account in a simple way.

  • Open MobiKwik App >> Scroll down and find the Offers For You tab.
  • Tap on Refer & Earn >> Share your MobiKwik Referral Code and Link.
  • Ask friends to join through this link and make their first UPI payment.
Wallet To Bank Transfer Offer (₹75 Cashback)

If you refer a friend then you have a great chance to get a flat ₹100 wallet balance once your friend makes their first wallet to bank transfer of a minimum of ₹2500 through MobiKwik. Not only this, but also your friend will get ₹75 cashback from MobiKwik.

  • Open MobiKwik App >> Tap on Wallet To Bank Transfer.
  • Tap on the above Refer & Earn option.
  • Simply click on the WhatsApp icon and share MobiKwik Invite Link.

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How To Create MobiKwik Account

Before following these steps, please note that Mobikwik has some different terms and conditions from other payment apps. You can not earn a cashback in Mobikwik for UPI Transaction if you have linked to a Payment Bank. And if you change Mobikwik UPI ID then from that time you can’t get any offer or cashback. So please try to don’t add payments bank or change UPI ID.

  1. Download and Install Mobikwik App.
  2. Open App.
  3. Create an Account using the name, email id and password.
  4. verify mobile number using OTP.
  5. Create UPI and don’t change UPI id.
  6. Link a Physical Bank like SBI, PNB, Axis etc but not Paytm, Airtel Payment Bank.
  7. Make one transaction using your Mobikwik UPI ID.
  8. Done! Now you are eligible for earning cashback on MobiKwik Referral Code, UPI Offers.

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Mobikwik Referral Code

Download Mobikwik App : [Download Now]

As I said as of now you can earn Rs 75 on each new friend referral on MobiKwik App. But it has some terms and conditions. If you thought after their sign up you will earn Rs 75 on your Mobikwik wallet, then you are wrong.

After signing up, if they do a UPI transaction from their Mobikwik UPI handle (@ikwik), then you will get cashback in your wallet. You will get the cashback in your Mobikwik wallet within 72 working hours after the referred friend transfers the money via Mobikwik UPI.

How To Refer and Earn Money from Mobikwik

You can share Mobikwik Referral Code and earn money using a few simple steps.

  1. Open Mobikwik App.
  2. Scroll down and find the Offers For You tab.
  3. Here you will get to see the Refer & Earn tab.
  4. Simply tap on it and you will get to see two options there.
  5. Tap on the WhatsApp icon to refer your friends through WhatsApp or check who have not signed MobiKwik yet and refer them one by one.
  6. Please remind your friends to register through your MobiKwik Referral Code and make their first UPI payment or money transfer as soon as possible. So that you can earn cashback as soon as possible.

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Transfer Money from MobiKwik To Paytm or Bank

You can transfer your MobiKwik Wallet Balance to your Bank Account at any time. In this case, you have to pay a 2% to 3.15% transaction charge. There is no direct option to transfer money from MobiKwik Wallet to Paytm Wallet. But you can transfer money from Mobikwik to Paytm Bank by this process.

Once you will receive money in your Bank Account or Paytm Payments Bank then you can easily add it to your Paytm Wallet at any time.

  • First of all, open the MobiKwik App.
  • Tap on Wallet to Bank transfer.
  • Now tap on Transfer to a new account.
  • Fill in the Account Number or UPI ID section.
  • In the Account, Number section fills the beneficiary name, account number and IFSC Code.
  • If you want to transfer MobiKwik to Paytm UPI then enter Paytm UPI ID.
  • and tap on continue.
  • The minimum wallet to bank transfer amount is ₹50 and the maximum amount is ₹100000 in a day.
Wallet To Bank Transfer Limit

Transfer Limit To Normal Bank

Daily Transfer Limit₹1,00,000Daily Number of Transfers Allowed10Monthly Transfer Limit Per Beneficiary₹1,00,000Monthly Number of Transfers Allowed50

Transfer Limit To Payments Bank

Daily Transfer Limit₹50,000Daily Number of Transfers Allowed5Monthly Transfer Limit Per Beneficiary₹70,000Monthly Number of Transfers Allowed50

Non-registered Account Transfer Limit

Daily Transfer Limit₹10,000Daily Number of Transfers Allowed5Monthly Transfer Limit Per Beneficiary₹10,000Monthly Number of Transfers Allowed30

Change MobiKwik Primary Number

You can change your primary mobile number linked with MobiKwik only through the Website. The process is very simple but you have to check it carefully to proceed with this.

  • First of all, open MobiKwik Website.
  • Tap on the profile icon and then select Profile Settings.
  • Here you will get to see your primary mobile number and an option to change the primary mobile number linked with MobiKwik.

change primary mobile number in mobikwik

  • Simply tap on the Change Number option.
  • Enter the new primary mobile number and verify it through OTP.
How To Earn PayBack Points in MobiKwik

MobiKwik Payback offers you to earn points by shopping at various websites and outlets. You can redeem your payback points and earn wallet cash easily through MobiKwik App.

To check your Payback points simply send a Text SMS. First of all, type PBBAL <space> the last four digits of your Payback Card Number and then send it to the 9212146468 number.

I feel PayBack Points are very useful to us. In simple words, you will earn ₹1 for every 4 PayBack Points on MobiKwik.

You can earn PayBack Points in MobiKwik App by shopping for groceries, fuel for vehicles, flights, tickets, books, hotels etc. You just have to shop online and make payments through your MobiKwik. As simple as that.

Redeem Payback Points in MobiKwik
  • First of all, open the MobiKwik App.
  • Tap on the profile icon and then select the Accounts tab.
  • Scroll down and select the ‘Points to Redeem’ option.
  • Now select the PayBack Card and enter the amount.

Please remember you can convert 400 PayBack Points into MobiKwik Wallet cash in every month.

Add Money To MobiKwik Wallet
  • Download and Install the MobiKwik App.
  • Open the app and tap on All Services or tap on the above Balance option.
  • Now tap on Add Money.
  • Enter Amount to Add Money to MobiKwik Wallet.
  • Please remember if you tap on the ‘protection against fraudulent transactions’ then you have to pay another ₹75.
  • Make payment through UPI, Debit Card ot Credit Card.
How To Log Out From MobiKwik App

A lot of people prefer to log out or delete an account before deleting or uninstalling any app. If you also thinking to uninstall or removing the MobiKwik App then here is the logout process.

  • First of all, open the MobiKwik App.
  • Now tap on the profile icon.
  • Select the Accounts tab.
  • Scroll down and tap on LogOut.
  • Once you do that, immediately you will log out from MobiKwik App.
How To Delete MobiKwik Account

If you want to delete your MobiKwik Account permanently in 2022 then you have to fill a deactivation request. In this case, you have to file a support ticket.


  • First of all, open the MobiKwik App.
  • Tap on the profile icon and select the help section.
  • In this Help & Support tab, you can see the option to file a support ticket.
  • Now select the ‘My Account & KYC’ and then tap on the ‘Account Deactivation’.
  • Choose the ‘Delete/Close my Account with MobiKwik’.
  • Alternatively, you can follow the same process through the MobiKwik Official Website or emailing them at
Mobikwik Referral Offer – FAQ

1. What is MobiKwik’s refer and earn offer?

MobiKwik Refer and Earn is an offer that helps us to make a decent amount of money by referring our friends. People who have not registered on MobiKwik yet, can join through our referral links and make UPI payments. If they do so, we can earn ₹75 as a MobiKwik referral commission.

2. How to refer to MobiKwik?

It is very simple but confusing too for the new users or those people who have a MobiKwik account but they don’t use it too often. To refer a friend or user on MobiKwik simply open the app and scroll down. You will get to see the ‘Refer & Earn’ option on the Offers For You tab. Here you can refer your contacts who have not joined MobiKwik yet.

3. How many times can I refer and earn?

This offer can be availed only once per a successfully referred friend (same mobile number, same device & UPI ID). You can earn a maximum of ₹9999 during this offer period.

4. Where will I get MobiKwik referral cashback?

You will get referral cashback once your referred friend makes their first UPI payments. The referral cashback will be credited to your MobiKwik wallet within 72 hours.

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This is all about the Mobikwik Referral Code offer. If you have a minimum group of people who don’t have the Mobikwik app yet, then this offer will really help you. Mobikwik will add to your wallet Rs 80 if your referral friend completes one UPI transaction from Mobikwik UPI handle.

Mobikwik is also a payment application like PayTmAmazon, My Airtel etc. But Mobikwik is slightly different from others. If you linked a payment bank then you will not get any cashback. Also if you change your UPI address then next time they will not give you any offer in Mobikwik. So try to avoid these two mistakes if you want to earn money from the Mobikwik Referral Code offer.

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