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Freecharge App


Freecharge, a wholly owned subsidiary of Axis Bank Limited, is India’s No.1 payments app. Customers across the country use Freecharge to make prepaid, postpaid, DTH, metro recharge and utility bill payments for numerous service providers. We launched our wallet in September 2015 and customers are already using it to pay across all major online platforms and offline stores like Shoppers Stop, McDonalds, Cinepolis, HomeStop, Crosswords, Hypercity and even for E-Rickshaws, the list is growing by the day.

We are on a mission to get millions of merchants both in organised and unorganised sector to be a part of the digital payments ecosystem. Our Chat-n-Pay service is all about social payments. It is an engaging and secure way for you to seamlessly Chat-n-Pay to friends, family, and merchants in less than 5 seconds. It also enables merchants, small or large to accept digital payments in less than 1 minute after registering on the Freecharge App.

We promise:

  • An easy and instant recharging process
  • A hassle-free online experience
  • A safe and secure payment process
  • Best discounts available in the market
  • Simple voucher redemption with no hidden costs or complex terms and conditions
  • And a totally satisfied you, who’ll want to come back to us again and again
  • After all, you know it’s a smart thing to do!


Freecharge is an Indian financial services company based in Gurgaon. It allows users to pay bills such as electricity, gas and telephone, as well as recharge mobile, broadband, DTH and metro cards. In addition, it enables the users to invest in mutual funds and get credit through Freecharge EMI.

On 8 April 2015, Snapdeal acquired Freecharge in what was referred to as the second biggest takeover in the Indian e-commerce sector at the time, after the buy out of Ibibo by rival MakeMyTrip. The deal was for approximately US$400 million in cash and stock. On 27 July 2017, Axis Bank acquired Freecharge for $60 million.


What is Freecharge, How Does It Work, And Its Key Features

The Union Government’s long-term goal is to transform India into a vibrant digital economy. Due to this vision, numerous locally developed e-wallets and payment gateways have seen significant growth. There has been an additional force behind online payment gateways and applications with the rapid demonetization action made by the government in 2016. With the advent of e-wallets and payment gateways, our dependence on cash transactions has been dramatically reduced.

India’s Freecharge e-wallet is among the most widely used in the country. Freecharge, a Haryana-based startup founded by Kunal Shah and Sandeep Tandon, was launched in 2015.

Customers can use Freecharge to pay for various financial services, including insurance, investments, bill payment, savings, loans, and online shopping.

Freecharge is a wholly-owned affiliate of Axis Bank (one of the country’s largest banks). In addition to these payment methods, the business accepts payments through UPI and BHIM.

Customers may use the mobile app to conduct cashless purchases by linking their bank accounts to UPI or BHIM payment modes. Freecharge has a large user base that depends on the company’s services for day-to-day operations, both personally and professionally. Read on to learn all there is to know about the Freecharge app.


What Is Freecharge And How Does It Work?

Freecharge is a digital payment service that lets you pay for things like energy bills, earn cash back, and obtain discounts. Besides insurance premium payment, customers may use Freecharge to make immediately fixed deposits, buy e-gold, or invest in mutual funds.


How to Download & Signup For Freecharge

Android users get access to Freecharge through a mobile app. The software is available for download from the Google Playstore for customers. Below are the steps for Freecharge login:

  1. Downloading an app from Playstore requires a search first.
  2. After installing the app, the user will be prompted to provide some basic information before utilizing it for the app’s different special features.
  3. A one-time password (OTP) is issued to the user upon completing the registration form. This OTP must be entered to validate the registration and the user’s identity to be authenticated.

How To Create A Freecharge UPI ID?

Additionally, Freecharge offers consumers the UPI system for digital payments, as previously stated. When consumers use this platform, they may pay using their bank account instead of cash at the point of sale, on e-commerce websites, or via any other channel they want. Freecharge’s UPI will be the customer’s chosen username with the suffix ‘@freecharge.’

Below are the steps to get a Freecharge UPI ID.

  1. To begin, launch the BHIM UPI app on your smartphone and choose it from the available menu choices.
  2. After that, the consumer will be required to enter the mobile number and authenticate it using an OTP generated on that number.
  3. Next, the consumer must enter the user name they want to use as the freecharge UPI id on the website.
  4. The very next step is to create a UPI PIN for the Freecharge User ID.
  5. The user’s bank account and UPI ID will be connected.
  6. The consumer may then use their Freecharge UPI id to make or receive payments to or from anybody using the UPI PIN created upon registration, exactly as they would with a debit or credit card.

Benefits of Using Freecharge

Freecharge’s UPI capability is an extra payment gateway in addition to the app’s built-in one. The UPI payment platform offers several advantages to clients, including:

  • Uncomplicated payment methods
  • Security for bank account details through a secure payment site
  • Payments made over UPI are free of transaction costs.
  • Benefits such as rebates and savings are available as well.
  • Distinct from bank transfers, which are often unavailable on weekends and bank holidays

Payment Options Using Freecharge

During each transaction, Freecharge provides several payment options, including the ones mentioned below.


Most Popular Features of Freecharge

Freecharge provides its consumers with several benefits, making it an indispensable smartphone application for many people. Following are some details about Freecharge’s features.

1. Recharge

Freecharge is a service that allows users to quickly top up their postpaid and prepaid cell phone plans with a single click. Freecharge makes it simple for customers to top up their cell subscriptions. Customers may now use Freecharge to recharge their DTH subscriptions. Customers who use the Freecharge app may earn Google Play recharge vouchers for a discount.

2. Mutual Funds

Freecharge also provides a platform for mutual fund investment to its consumers. Customers may get more information about the procedure by contacting Freecharge’s customer service.

3. Insurance

Freecharge also offers the advantage of paying insurance premiums with partner insurance carriers via the service. Customers don’t have to worry about paying their insurance premiums since they can do it all online.

4. Payment of Utility Bills

Customers may use Freecharge to pay their water, gas, and electricity bills safely and securely. For a list of Freecharge’s utility payment partners, visit the company’s website, mobile app, or contact the company’s customer service department.

5. Offers and Rebates

Many businesses and e-commerce websites provide Freecharge coupon codes, cashback or discounts as an incentive for using this app to make payments.

6. Customer Transaction History

A comprehensive history of transactions is available to customers, allowing them to keep tabs on their expenditure and budget accordingly.

7. Digital Mode of Payment

Freecharge offers the convenience of cashless payments, allowing customers to make purchases without constantly juggling bills and coins in their wallets. When a consumer runs out of money or has inadequate cash, this is extremely useful.

8. Assisting Clients

Customer service at Freecharge is outstanding, whether it’s for financial services or payments, cashback or incentives, refunds or discount offers, and more. Freecharge delivers exceptional customer service for all of these things. Freecharge’s customer care number is 1800 572 7133 for customers.

9. Additional Advantages

E-Gold, Express Fixed Deposit, and the Axis Plus Credit Card allow payments as additional Freecharge advantages or features (from the merchants’ point of view). Freecharge’s customer support department can provide customers with further information about these perks.

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